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Solar Charge Controller Manufacturers

Companies involved in Charge Controller production, a key component of solar systems. 651 Charge Controller manufacturers are listed below.

Company Name  RegionNo. StaffTechnology TypeNo. of Known Sellers
Sungrow Power SupplyChina China6,0001
SRNE SolarChina China400MPPT, PWM25
Garnde Solar EnergyChina ChinaMPPT, PWM
Jinan Deming Power EquipmentChina China200MPPT, PWM
Inti PhotovoltaicsSpain SpainMPPT4
Company Name     No. Staff No. of Known Sellers
Abest Solar ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Accura Automation Engineers IndiaIndia MPPT, PWM
Ace-Tech Solar Products PhilippinesPhilippines MPPT, PWM
Aditya Solar IndiaIndia
Advance Electronics IndiaIndia MPPT, PWM
AERL AustraliaAustralia MPPT 4
Agni Power & Electronics IndiaIndia MPPT
Aidefei Electronic Technology ChinaChina PWM
AIMS Power United StatesUnited States MPPT, PWM 4
Airkom IndiaIndia MPPT
Ajay Industrial IndiaIndia MPPT, PWM
Akshar Enterprise IndiaIndia
Akshar Group of Company IndiaIndia MPPT
Aladdin Electronic ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Albat Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina MPPT, PWM
Alkatel Solar ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Allpowers SingaporeSingapore MPPT, PWM
Alpha Tech Energy Solutions IndiaIndia MPPT, PWM
AM Power Systems United StatesUnited States Other
AMAZE IndiaIndia
Amberroot Systems IndiaIndia MPPT, PWM 1
Amon Solar IndiaIndia MPPT, PWM 1
Amplec ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Ampolt Electronics India IndiaIndia MPPT
Amsine ChinaChina MPPT
Analogics Tech IndiaIndia 500 MPPT
Analytic Systems CanadaCanada MPPT
Anson Electric Technology ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Apex Green IndiaIndia MPPT, PWM
Arer Enerji TurkeyTurkey
Arrow Power IndiaIndia PWM
ARVI IndiaIndia MPPT
Asadal ChinaChina MPPT
AshaPower? IndiaIndia MPPT
Atersa SpainSpain MPPT 3
Atess Power Technology ChinaChina 150 MPPT
Atumvn VietnamVietnam MPPT, PWM, Other
Avaneesh Technosoft IndiaIndia Other
Axiomatic CanadaCanada
Azuma Seisakusho JapanJapan 58 PWM
Baiying High-Tech ChinaChina 200 MPPT, PWM
Baykee ChinaChina MPPT
Beijing Epsolar ChinaChina MPPT, PWM 117
Beijing Multifit Electrical Technology ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Beijing Prostar International Electric ChinaChina 320 MPPT, PWM 4
Beijing Shanhu (Sangsolar) ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Beijing Tianzhu Solar Energy Technology ChinaChina PWM
BGS TurkeyTurkey
Biglux Innovation ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Bioenno Power United StatesUnited States MPPT
BKE Czech RepublicCzech Republic MPPT
BLKCSolar ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Bluebird Solar IndiaIndia PWM
Bluesun Solar Energy Tech. ChinaChina MPPT, PWM 1
Bogart Engineering United StatesUnited States PWM 2
Bonjour Solar ChinaChina MPPT
Bradpower IndiaIndia PWM
Bright Solar ChinaChina PWM
Bright Tech IndiaIndia MPPT, PWM
Bruhat IndiaIndia MPPT, PWM
Bwitt ChinaChina MPPT
C.LBE ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Campbell Scientific United StatesUnited States MPPT
Caterpillar United StatesUnited States 1
CBE ItalyItaly 100 MPPT
CDP United StatesUnited States 200 MPPT
Celesta IndonesiaIndonesia MPPT
Centurion Systems South AfricaSouth Africa
Changzhou Seasun ChinaChina 50 MPPT, Other
Changzhou SuperEn New Energy Technology ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
ChanPower ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Cheerly Power ChinaChina PWM
Cixi Caiyue Photovoltaic Technology ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Clean Tech Controls AustraliaAustralia
Clear Blue Technologies CanadaCanada PWM
Cnsolarwind ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Codi Rack ChinaChina 100 MPPT, PWM, Other
CoHeart Power ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Computronix IndiaIndia
Conpo Power Tech ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Constant Technology ChinaChina 50 MPPT, PWM
Cosuper Energy ChinaChina MPPT
CRG Solar ChinaChina PWM
CyberPower United StatesUnited States MPPT
Daqin Electric ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Daxieworld ChinaChina 300 MPPT, PWM
DBE Energy TurkeyTurkey MPPT
Denryo JapanJapan 13 MPPT, PWM 3
Devang Solaar IndiaIndia MPPT, PWM
Develpower Energy Equipment ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Devidayal Solar IndiaIndia PWM
DGIT ChinaChina MPPT
Didisolar ChinaChina MPPT, PWM
Digimax Innovative Products TaiwanTaiwan MPPT
Digital Solar IndiaIndia
Distinct Solar IndiaIndia MPPT, PWM
DP Electronics GermanyGermany MPPT
DPE Solar TurkeyTurkey
Drow Enterprise TaiwanTaiwan PWM

Featured Product (Charge Controller)

Rosefinch XXL

Garnde Solar Energy
MSRP from $1,350 / Unit
  • Technology: MPPT
  • Product Warranty: 2 Years
  • Nominal System (Battery) Voltage: 192 - 384 V
  • Battery Type: GEL, AGM, VLA, Ni-Cd, Li-poly, Li-ion, NiMH, Lead Carbon
  • Protection Class: IP 20
  • Max. Solar Input Power: 44800 W
  • Battery Voltage Operating Range: --
  • Peak Conversion Efficiency: 99.00 %
  • Self-Consumption: --
  • Terminals (Wire Size): --

Featured Product (Charge Controller)

Cedro+ ICC-402...

Inti Photovoltaics
From $140 / Unit
  • Technology: MPPT
  • Product Warranty: 5 Years
  • Nominal System (Battery) Voltage: --
  • Battery Type: GEL, AGM, Li-poly, Li-ion
  • Protection Class: IP 32
  • Max. Solar Input Power: 2000 W
  • Battery Voltage Operating Range: --
  • Peak Conversion Efficiency: 99.90 %
  • Self-Consumption: --
  • Terminals (Wire Size): 16.0 mm2
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