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Solar System Manufacturers

Companies involved in Solar System production, a key component of solar systems. 1,908 Solar System manufacturers are listed below.

Company Name  RegionOn-gridOff-gridStandaloneHome StorageSystem Power(kWp)
BR SolarChinaChina
Company Name     System Power(kWp)
01 Elettronica ItalyItaly 3
1 Solar AustraliaAustralia Off-grid 3-50
123 Zero Energy CanadaCanada On-grid
1A-Innovation GermanyGermany On-grid Off-grid 0.2-40
1Q1 RomaniaRomania Off-grid 0.05-1
1st Sunflower Renewable Energy ChinaChina 1.5-3.0
24solar SwedenSweden 3-255
2cay Solar PhilippinesPhilippines On-grid Off-grid 1.19-10.27
365 Solar AustraliaAustralia 3-6.6
3e Savers IndiaIndia On-grid
3Hz-SOLAR ChinaChina On-grid Off-grid Standalone Home Storage 0.15-100
3K BulgariaBulgaria Off-grid 0.1-30
3P Solar AustraliaAustralia 5-50
4Sun PolandPoland 0.1-2.48
A Falzon Energy Projects MaltaMalta
A-Solartechniek NetherlandsNetherlands 3.04-6.08
AAA Solar Sydney AustraliaAustralia 3-100
AAPL IndiaIndia On-grid Off-grid
Aarcchor IndiaIndia On-grid Off-grid Home Storage
Aarde NetherlandsNetherlands On-grid 1.08-12.8
AB Elektrotechniek NetherlandsNetherlands 1.38
ABA Electricals IndiaIndia 0.25-2
ABC Solar UkraineUkraine On-grid Off-grid 3-30
ABC Solar Electronics PhilippinesPhilippines On-grid Off-grid 1.04-4.6
ABC Zonnepanelen NetherlandsNetherlands 1.26-13.12
ABI Solar Balkan SerbiaSerbia On-grid 1-30
ABS Alaskan United StatesUnited States 0.1-0.16
Absicht Engineering SingaporeSingapore Off-grid
ABSOL IndiaIndia 3-10
Acceso Solar MexicoMexico Home Storage 0.18-9.12
Accord Electrical & Solar AustraliaAustralia 3.5-20.3
ACDC Batam IndonesiaIndonesia On-grid Off-grid 0.05-0.32
ACDC Energy AustraliaAustralia On-grid Off-grid 4.0-10.89
Ace Solar HungaryHungary On-grid Off-grid 0.34-57.96
AceFlex GermanyGermany On-grid Off-grid 0.26-40
ACES United StatesUnited States Off-grid 0.01-0.4
ACOSolar United StatesUnited States On-grid Off-grid 0.01-2.805
ACS-Infinity FinlandFinland 4.2-8.4
Adam et Nicolas FranceFrance Off-grid 1-4
Adelaide SolarSafe AustraliaAustralia On-grid 1.5-10
Adhiam Thermal Systems & Solutions IndiaIndia On-grid Off-grid
Adisun Solar IndiaIndia On-grid Off-grid 1-50
Aditya Kiran IndiaIndia On-grid Off-grid
Aditya Solar IndiaIndia Off-grid 0.3-1.0
Adzar Energy ChinaChina On-grid Off-grid 2-1000
African Solar Solutions NigeriaNigeria On-grid Off-grid 0.2-100
AG Green Energy VietnamVietnam 3-30
Agape Development & Design United StatesUnited States Off-grid 0.3-2.5
Agri Solar NetherlandsNetherlands 1.62-4.05
Agrimeer FranceFrance Standalone 4.05
Agrisolar Energy ItalyItaly 3-6
AGS SpainSpain 1.5-100
Air One United StatesUnited States On-grid Off-grid 1-11.8
Airlec Australia AustraliaAustralia
Akshar Enterprise IndiaIndia On-grid Off-grid 2-1000
Akturk Enerji TurkeyTurkey On-grid 0.4-10
Alaska Energies Romania RomaniaRomania On-grid Off-grid 1-100
ALB ChinaChina Off-grid 0.01-0.10
Albat Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina Off-grid 1.2-4
Alfa Solar UkraineUkraine On-grid Off-grid 0.320-50
Alfa Solar System HungaryHungary 3-10
Alfazon NetherlandsNetherlands 3.75-4.2
Alfredkim Systems & Solution IndiaIndia On-grid Off-grid
Alinex RomaniaRomania On-grid Off-grid 0.160-1.710
All Solar South AfricaSouth Africa On-grid Off-grid
All Solar Energy Puerto RicoPuerto Rico Off-grid 3.6-12
Alliance Sunpower AustraliaAustralia 0.330-0.370
Allpowers SingaporeSingapore Off-grid Standalone Home Storage
Allsparkpower ChinaChina Off-grid Standalone Home Storage 1-1000
Allstar Energy Solutions AustraliaAustralia 6.6
Allweb Technology ThailandThailand Off-grid 1-20
ALMIPL Solar IndiaIndia On-grid Off-grid 1-20
Alpha Elettronica ItalyItaly Off-grid 0.015-0.180
Alpha Solar GermanyGermany 1.9-10.01
Alpha Solar PakistanPakistan On-grid Off-grid 3-20
Alteco RussiaRussia On-grid Off-grid 3-1000
Alternative Energy United KingdomUnited Kingdom 1-4
Alternative Energy - My Watt RussiaRussia On-grid Off-grid Home Storage 1.5-44
Alternative Sochi RussiaRussia On-grid Off-grid 3-1000
Alternative Solutions HungaryHungary On-grid 5-10
Altius Solar RomaniaRomania On-grid Off-grid
Alto Solar CanadaCanada Off-grid 0.100-4
ALX Energia Alternativa BrazilBrazil Home Storage 4.05
AM Solar United StatesUnited States Off-grid 0.09-0.18
Amar Solar IndiaIndia On-grid Off-grid 1.0
Amarelo MartiniqueMartinique On-grid Off-grid 0.56-3.3
Amazing Solar AustraliaAustralia Home Storage 5-10
Ameresco Solar United StatesUnited States On-grid Off-grid 0.001-1.6
AMI Electrical United KingdomUnited Kingdom 3.675
AMM SpainSpain On-grid Off-grid 2-100
AMO Energy Solutions IndiaIndia Off-grid 0.66-3
Amp-solar SloveniaSlovenia Off-grid 0.05-0.32
Amso Solar ChinaChina Off-grid
AmySOLAR United KingdomUnited Kingdom On-grid
Anand REnergy Solutions IndiaIndia On-grid Off-grid 0.1-0.2
Anany Urja IndiaIndia On-grid 3.3-9.9
Anern ChinaChina On-grid Off-grid 3-500
Antalya Enerji TurkeyTurkey Off-grid 0.17-1.1
Antares Energia BrazilBrazil 2-7
Anushree Greentech IndiaIndia

Featured Product (Solar Systems)

3600 - 10000 Wp

Raytech New Energy Materials
From $10,800
  • Package Power: 3600 - 10000 Wp
  • Panel Brand: Raytech New Energy Materials
  • Panel Number: 10,14,28
  • Inverter Brand: Growatt New Energy
  • Inverter Number: 1
  • Mounting System Type: Pitched Roof
  • Installation Time:
  • Required Roof Surface:
  • Delivery Time:
  • Estimated Yield:
  • System Warranty: 5 Years
  • System Power Warranty: --
  • Panel Product Warranty: 30 Years
  • Panel Power Warranty: 30 Years of 83% Output Power
  • Inverter Warranty: 5 Years
  • Mounting System Warranty: 15 Years

Featured Product (Solar Systems)

From $500
  • Package Power: 1000 Wp
  • Panel Brand:
  • Panel Number:
  • Inverter Brand: Sungrow Power Supply
  • Inverter Number: 1
  • Mounting System Type:
  • Installation Time:
  • Required Roof Surface:
  • Delivery Time:
  • Estimated Yield:
  • System Warranty: 5 Years
  • System Power Warranty: --
  • Panel Product Warranty: --
  • Panel Power Warranty: --
  • Inverter Warranty: --
  • Mounting System Warranty: --
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